Design Features and Specifications

Quality is all about detail and whichever enclosure you choose you’ll find real attention has been paid to every aspect of design, function and finish.


Our elegant frames are made from anodized aluminum to give a polished silver finish.

Semi-Frameless Concealed Fixings

Safety Glass

In cheaper enclosures it is often the quality of the glass which suffers. The glass used in all our products is thermally toughened safety glass which conforms to US and EU standards: ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16 CFR 1201 and EN 12160-1.

Toughened Safety Glass


Smart and practical bow handles in matching stainless steel or white are generally fitted to all semi-frameless enclosures. Towel rails are supplied where specified.

Stainless Steel Bow Handles

Extension Profiles

Our high quality extension profiles can be used to bridge gaps in non-standard sized openings.

Aluminum Extension Profile

Doors and Seals

All our doors are fitted with an easy glide mechanism and full height magnetic water seals to provide positive closing. All sliding doors in the semi-frameless range feature roller bearings and clips, which are adjustable to allow for fine tuning of door alignment and clip out to allow for easy cleaning.

  • Quadrant Roller Bearings and Clips
  • Magnetic Water Seals

Additional Strength

Bracing arms provide additional support, strength and safety on models where appropriate.

Double Panel Bath Screen Bracing Arm


For the perfect finish, every enclosure has an adjustment for out-of-true walls built into each wall profile. The full range of tolerance is shown in the dimensions chart on each page.

Adjustable Wall Profiles


To match your room design all enclosures, doors and shower screens (except for the mirror shower screen) are designed for left or right hand fitting. However, please consult Lakes Bathrooms before ordering to ensure compatibility with site conditions.