The AllClear® Difference


The difference is clear

All our shower enclosures, doors and shower screens have the AllClear® stay-clean coating applied to both sides of the glass – as standard. AllClear®’s advanced technology effectively self cleans the shower enclosure, repelling water, lime scale and soap scum, so a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep it looking like new.

Side by side dip test
In a side-by-side test you can clearly see the difference between normal glass (right) and glass with our AllClear® coating (left).
AllClear® Glass / Normal Glass comparison

Supplied as standard on all our glass

Many manufacturers charge in excess of $200 to apply similar coatings as an optional extra. We don’t. We apply AllClear® protection on both sides of the glass at no extra cost. AllClear® is guaranteed to outperform untreated glass for 3 years.

How does it work?

Standard glass actually has a pitted surface to which water, lime scale and soap scum can cling, building up with every shower and requiring regular scrubbing to keep enclosures clean and hygienic.

The AllClear® coating forms an invisible, microscopically smooth shield to prevent this build-up – allowing water to run off freely, washing away residue and dirt as it goes.

Watch the video above for a demonstration of how well AllClear® works.

Better for the environment

AllClear® is eco–friendly as water sheets off the coated glass, washing away soap scum and grime as it goes. As it’s more hygienic, there’s less need for harsh chemical cleaners – which is kind to the environment and to your customers’ pockets.

AllClear® protective coating actively repels water and grime to stay looking cleaner for longer. AllClear® protective coating Water and grime cling readily to untreated uneven glass surface.

Clearly better

AllClear® not only means superior performance, it’s a superior product in its own right, proven to outperform other coatings on the market*.

Glass coated with AllClear® also has greatly enhanced impact and abrasion resistance and 20% more brilliance.

*Conclusion derived from extensive tests conducted by the Institute for Glass Science and Engineering, New York.